Excel to Tally Import Payroll Voucher

Whats is Payroll Vouchers

Payroll is simply an aggregation of total amount of wages paid by the company to its employees. It is one of the most significant expenses for businesses; hence it is very complicated expense for companies to process. Processing payroll slips is a very time consuming task and can be prepared weekly, semi – monthly or monthly depending upon the resources which the company has in its reserve.

How to import Payroll Voucher data using
Excel-Tally Software in just a click 

You can Import Payroll Voucher with Following details

Employee details

You can import data with Employee professional details 

Attendance Details

You can import data with attendance details with Attendance heads.

Payroll Heads details

Your can import data with payroll heads with their amounts 

Can Import Multi Currency data using Same voucher Template

You can import Multi Currency data in same Voucher template by Providing Amount , Foreign Currency Symbol, Rate Of Exchange

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